Food waste bags
Food waste bags
Did you know that rolls of food waste caddy bags are for sale at Forehill Library?

Save the trip into town and pop into the library instead.

This letter is to bring to your attention an increase in the number of sheep worrying reports received in the Ayrshire area. As lambing time approaches, Police Scotland has taken the decision to contact your community to highlight the seriousness of this crime and the penalties it incurs.

Please click on the image to download the letter as a PDF

Forehill Library at 31-33 Mt Oliphant Crescent is a hive of activity! Your local library is an ideal place to spend some time and is open to all ages 0-100! Why not check it out and try something new?

There are board games and jigsaws, a knit and natter group, a colouring book station and as colouring books are increasingly found to be a good source of therapy and relaxation- adults are catered for here too!

Tea and coffee is 50p a cup.
You can make use of the computers within the library, or you can take your own laptop and share the FREE wi-fi.

Forehill, Holmston & Masonhill Community Council is looking for suggestions for activities that you want to see at your local library.

Message us on facebook at or email with your suggestions.
It's YOUR community so please get involved!

Home Security Advice from Police Scotland:

South Ayrshire 1000 - Citezens’ Panel
South Ayrshire Council with its partners in the public and voluntary sectors, wants to survey attitudes and views on public services and policy issues.
South Ayrshire 1000
Citizens’ Panels are a way for local people to provide feedback on a range of issues and influence decision makers. The South Ayrshire Citizens’ Panel is called “South Ayrshire 1000” as it is the intention to have 1,000 members on the Panel. We have managed to recruit around 850 people who live in South Ayrshire who volunteered to

The Scottish Government has recently set up a national website highlighting the role of community councils.
See the letter below.
Scottish Government letter to Community Councils. November 2014

GET INVOLVED — Your input is what will help our community come together.
We would love to hear from you. We want this website to be about you. Send us your pictures, share your memories, tell us your stories about our area and we will publish them on our webpages. Let us know if you, or someone you know in the area, is celebrating a special occasion.
Check our website and facebook pages for forthcoming competitions.

Come to our meetings. FHMCC meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm in Kyle Academy and we extend a warm welcome to local residents.
Please email us seven days before the meeting with you agenda item
Join us on Facebook at

Email us at

Phone Us on 07935 169 749

Ward 4, Ayr East area map
Ward 4, Ayr East area map
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Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
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News Archives 2016


Parking at Forehill Shops - Ayrshire Roads Alliance Response

“A works order has been issued to refresh the double yellow lines around the area of the shops. Once these have been applied we will monitor the area and report back to the Community Council. We expect to have an update for the April meeting.

Double yellow lines can be enforced by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, but this requires our parking attendant being present which I cannot give any assurances that this will be for prolonged periods of time. The Highway Code is quite clear - double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time. This does not include loading. We allow a period of grace which equates to normal loading time. So people using the shops can probably do this under the ‘loading’ banner. Driving on pavements is against the Law and drivers can be prosecuted by Police Scotland. Parking on pavements can be prosecuted under causing an obstruction, again by Police Scotland.

We want to improve the parking arrangements and the road safety arrangements around the Forehill shops. However, this needs the co-operation of the vehicle drivers some which are visitors but many of whom are locals.”



Local Housing Strategy

Have your say on the future of housing in South Ayrshire!



Castlehill Woods Footpaths

Castlehill Woods Footpaths

Forehill Holmston and Masonhill Community Council are well pleased that South Ayrshire Council responded swiftly to our concerns about the footpaths in the Castlehill Woods being seriously overgrown and impeding walking.

The paths have now all been cut back. The next steps will be to strim back any overhanging growth and apply a judicious amount of weed killer. This maintenance will be added to the South Ayrshire Council SAC rota for ongoing attention. If any resident sees areas in the woods that could benefit from some work they can contact South Ayrshire Council directly or this Community Council.



Forehill Primary Christmas Fete


Forehill Library sewing club

A busy time at Forehill Primary Parent Fundraisers Christmas Fete, at Forehill Primary school on Friday 3rd December.

Thank you to the organisers for inviting us to join in the festive fun, thank you to those who joined in the FHMCC hamper draw and congratulations to our winners.




Ayrshire Colleges (Ayr Campus) — Courses


January — Short Full time, 18 weeks

Campus/Course Availability


Start Here

Students on this course will have had a varied background, all with aspirations of working with young people. A place on the course is subject to an interview process. The course takes place within the HIVE.

The programme aims to develop skills such as, motivation, self-confidence, team building, as well as an understanding of basic Youth Work legislation, boundaries, safeguarding and challenging behaviour.

What's Involved

Step-Into-Youth Work is an 18 week course designed to introduce young people to the various aspects of Youth Work and what is required to make the first steps into a career in this field.

We look at the historical aspects of Youth work and where we are today. We explore the current issues facing young people today including the various legislation and the different approaches needed, such as engagement, confidence building and teamwork. The course is 3 days a week with the student expected to find a voluntary position out of college time. After the 18 weeks our students will be ready for the next step, in their journey to become the Youth Workers of tomorrow, be it further education or a position with a youth organisation.

Themes include:

  • What Is Youth Work
  • Young People Today & Challenging Behaviour
  • Youth Work & Ethics
  • Boundaries & Safeguarding
  • Creative Digital Media Project
  • Employability Within Youth Work
  • Youth Work (Assessments)

Go Anywhere

Having complete this course, here are some of the courses you can move on to pitched at different levels that you can accomplish while working at your own pace:

Ayrshire College
NC Health & Social Care
HNC Health & Social Care
NC Working With Communities
HNC Working With Communities

Successful completion could also lead to employment or places with other training providers, such as:
East Ayrshire Council
North Ayrshire Council
South Ayrshire Council
Young Carers
Princes Trust

Possible careers you can explore:
Youth Worker
Social Worker
Support Worker



Attempted Break Ins

Police have attended several call outs in local areas after reports of attempted entries to properties.
Attempted Break Ins
It is advised that you keep house doors, cars and sheds locked and report any unusual or suspicious behaviour to Police Scotland on 101. In an emergency, dial 999.



Queen Margaret Academy Development — Message From The Developers

As part of the pre application stage we are required to display the plans to allow the public to review them and leave feedback. To facilitate this we have organised an open day at Queen Margaret Academy on Tuesday 13 December 2016 from 2pm to 8pm. This will be advertised in the local press and a letter will be delivered to neighbouring properties informing them of the arrangements. We would be grateful if you can share this information with your members and hope you will take this opportunity to come along and see the exciting designs for the new school.

Members of the public wishing to comment on the proposed development are invited to do so in person at the exhibition or in writing or email to the agent Building Design Partnership, 15 Exchange Pl, Glasgow G1 3AN ( no later than Fri 23/12/16. All comments should be directed to the agent, not South Ayrshire Council. Comments made to the agent are not representations to the planning authority and when the Council submit a formal planning application there will be an opportunity to make representation on that application to the planning authority.

More details can be found here.



Holmston House, Mill Brae, Ayr

Holmston House
Please find below an invitation to a public event which KDP Architects will be hosting at Holmston House, Ayr on Monday 7th November 2016. Also below is a copy of the Proposal of Application Notice they have submitted to South Ayrshire Council.

KDP Architects would are inviting members of the wider community and surrounding neighbours to attend this public event.

Download the Proposal of Application Notice Here

Download the Invitation Letter Here



Food Train South Ayrshire

Food Train South Ayrshire
Food Train, in partnership with North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, launched a grocery shopping delivery service for older people in North Ayrshire in 2015. Thanks to Scottish Government funding during 2016-2017, there is now an opportunity to pilot the same service for older people in South Ayrshire. The pilot will focus on the three main towns of Prestwick, Troon and Ayr, with the aim of developing the evidence base for longer term funding for a South Ayrshire wide service in 2017 and beyond.

Download the PDF for more info »



RESULT!!!! FHMCC won our funding.

Chairman, John McGuire, did a wonderful job with our pitch and big thanks to Community Councillors Samantha Stewart and Douglas Smith for all their support.

It was a great day, well organised and a grand result. Thank you Brian McQuillan and South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

FHMCC intend to use this funding to pay for the purchase of a defibrillator and the cost of training in it's use. It will be situated at a location within our community area. More news on this will follow. The Community Council is very happy to think that through our actions we may well help to save a life.

URGENT Ayr South Decides



Holmston Road Cycle Lane

Holmston Road Cycle Lane – South Ayrshire Council Decides

Report by: Lesley Bloomer, Executive Director – Economy, Neighbourhood and Environment
Event/Incident: Removal of bi-directional cycle lane on Holmston Road, Ayr
Date and Time of Report: 11/10/2016 14:00:00
Following the decision taken on Thursday 6 October at South Ayrshire Council, work will be undertaken by ARA to remove the bi-directional cycle lane on Holmston Road, Ayr and restore the carriageway to its original condition. These works will start on Monday 24 October in line with the notice period required for the Scottish Road Works Register.

The works are expected to take around three weeks to complete - subject to weather conditions - and traffic management measures will be in place throughout to help ensure the safety of operatives and all road users.

The work will be carried out on a phased basis, starting with the removal of the rubber edging kerbs and bollards, and moving on to the extended bus bays. The final stage will be to lift the blue surfacing and remove the lining, before reinstating road markings to their original position.

As agreed by members, we will be reviewing elements of the existing arrangements in conjunction with East Ayrshire Council and presenting recommendations to Councillors in due course
Responsible Officer/Contact: Lesley Bloomer, Executive Director - Economy, Neighbourhood and Environment 01292 612812



Holmston Road Cycle Lane –South Ayrshire Council Decides

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council said, “The decision has now been taken that the Holmston Road cycleway is removed and the carriageway restored to the original condition existing prior to these works taking place. Following this decision, these works will now be progressed.”



A motion from Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council

A motion from Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council

On Tuesday, August 29th 2016 at our regular community council meeting, Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council (FHMCC), noted that they fully support the Scottish Government's initiatives to increase journeys by cycle rather than by car and are enthusiastic in our support.

However in execution of this initiative, with regards to work carried out on Holmston Road by Ayrshire Roads Alliance, is not supported by this Community Council. The work has a negative and safety impact for all users of this altered road layout. The changes made are wrong, were never consulted on with any affected party, not even South Ayrshire Council prior to this work being planned and subsequently commenced and should be reversed.

Future work regarding cycle provision that Ayrshire Roads Alliance is planning is to place cycle lanes down Overmills Road, across private land to allow access to the A77 underpass. This Community Council also rejects this plan and again this is proposed without consultation from Ayrshire Roads Alliance with indifference to local opinion.

Consequently, Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council oppose the changes to the road layout of Holmston Road and future plans to Overmills Road regarding the proposed implementation of cycle lanes. We propose that a River Ayr Cycle Path option is investigated, fully developed and funded.

On going discussions regarding major work carried out by Ayrshire Roads Alliance must involve all interested parties, including residents. Cycle usage can indeed be increased in South Ayrshire but with agreement through consultation.




FHMCC joined in a fantastic fun day held by SAC at the Citadel, Ayr on Saturday, 10th September. A bright sunny day added to the fun with lots of great children's activities as well as Face Painting, Birds of Prey, Bunny Love and a wide range of informational booths for Mums and Dads.

FHMCC's Happy Hampers were won by Sarah Gambol, Brian McQuillian, Lorraine Shilliday, Colin Hewitson, and a lady from Maybole. with the winners being drawn by the Scottish Water Ladies at our neighbouring table. View more pictures of the day here »



Forehill Library Book Club

Forehill Library
From Monday 27th June 2016 to Saturday 20th August, Forehill Library is hosting a book club aimed at children aged 5–12.

Fill in the form when you visit the library to register with the book club (your child must be a library member) Choose your book, check it out and enjoy the story. When you return the book, your child will receive a lucky dip ticket to win a prize.

There's nothing like story time with a good book.






















Community Councils give local people a real say in matters such as local service delivery and other issues which affect daily lives.

Community Councils have a local and statutory interest in the planning process. Local authorities are required to consult with Community Councils on planning applications affecting their areas.

Liquor licensing and some other licensing matters may also be of keen interest to Community Councils and are areas on which Community Councils views might usefully be sought.

Anyone resident within the area of Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council who is aged 18 years or over and who is interested in becoming a Community Councillor should contact the Secretary as detailed below, before the 1st July 2016.

Anne Stewart,
07935 169 749



Litter Pick

Castlehill Woods

On Tuesday 5th July 2016, FHMCC will be clearing back brambles/litter picking in Castlehill Woods to make public walkways safe for all who use them.

Meet at the pathway on Roman Road (at the new homes) at 6pm. All equipment is provided. We look forward to seeing you there!









Save Malcolm Sargent House, Prestwick

Holmston House
Click here to sign the petition




There are 29 letting neighbourhoods in South Ayrshire designated as ‘pressured’ areas. This means that the Right to Buy is currently suspended for tenants living in these areas whose tenancy began on or after 30th September 2002 and before 1st March 2011.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 ends the Right to Buy for all socialhousing tenants in Scotland on the 1st August 2016.

If you would like more information, please visit where you will find a list of frequently asked questions.