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FHMCC wishes to thank Ayrshire Homes for their recent grant awarded in support of our 2016 / 17 projects. Information on the community council projects can be found in our monthly minutes at: http://fhmcc.org.uk/documents.php#meeting_minutes

Food waste bags
Food waste bags
Did you know that rolls of food waste caddy bags are for sale at Forehill Library?

Save the trip into town and pop into the library instead.

This letter is to bring to your attention an increase in the number of sheep worrying reports received in the Ayrshire area. As lambing time approaches, Police Scotland has taken the decision to contact your community to highlight the seriousness of this crime and the penalties it incurs.

Please click on the image to download the letter as a PDF

Forehill Library at 31-33 Mt Oliphant Crescent is a hive of activity! Your local library is an ideal place to spend some time and is open to all ages 0-100! Why not check it out and try something new?

There are board games and jigsaws, a knit and natter group, a colouring book station and as colouring books are increasingly found to be a good source of therapy and relaxation- adults are catered for here too!

Tea and coffee is 50p a cup.
You can make use of the computers within the library, or you can take your own laptop and share the FREE wi-fi.

Forehill, Holmston & Masonhill Community Council is looking for suggestions for activities that you want to see at your local library.

Message us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FHMCCAYR or email secretary@fhmcc.org.uk with your suggestions.
It's YOUR community so please get involved!

Home Security Advice from Police Scotland:

South Ayrshire 1000 - Citezens’ Panel
South Ayrshire Council with its partners in the public and voluntary sectors, wants to survey attitudes and views on public services and policy issues.
South Ayrshire 1000
Citizens’ Panels are a way for local people to provide feedback on a range of issues and influence decision makers. The South Ayrshire Citizens’ Panel is called “South Ayrshire 1000” as it is the intention to have 1,000 members on the Panel. We have managed to recruit around 850 people who live in South Ayrshire who volunteered to http://www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/sa1000

The Scottish Government has recently set up a national website highlighting the role of community councils.
See the letter below.
Scottish Government letter to Community Councils. November 2014

GET INVOLVED — Your input is what will help our community come together.
We would love to hear from you. We want this website to be about you. Send us your pictures, share your memories, tell us your stories about our area and we will publish them on our webpages. Let us know if you, or someone you know in the area, is celebrating a special occasion.
Check our website and facebook pages for forthcoming competitions.

Come to our meetings. FHMCC meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm in Kyle Academy and we extend a warm welcome to local residents.

Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FHMCCAYR

Email us at secretary@fhmcc.org.uk

Phone Us on 07935 169 749

Ward 4, Ayr East area map
Ward 4, Ayr East area map
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Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
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Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council Documents


Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes, June 29th 2021

Minutes of Zoom Meeting

29TH June  2021, 7.00pm


Attended: John McGuire, Anne Miller, Samantha Laidlaw, Mary Elliot, Bill White, Tom Houston


SAC: Cllr Cullen, SAC Officer Chris Campbell, Cllr Mary Kilpatrick


Guests : Brian Heddle



Apologies: Cllr Brian McGinley, Alison Russell, Sarah Gamble, Sandra Taylor,Tom Houston, Brian Wotherspoon, Dougie Smith



Matters Arising: None



March Minutes:  Proposer – John McGuire, Seconded – Samantha Laidlaw 


Police Report: N/A

FHMCC remind local Residents to remain vigilant and to contact the Police if they see anything suspicious by calling 101 (999 for emergencies only)



Secretary's report :  All incoming emails forwarded to the Committee Members.  Ongoing correspondence                      with Zurich Insurance will be followed up.


Treasurer's report :  Deferred to September 


FHMCC 2021 Projects Update

· Castlehill Woods.  Cllr Cullen advised the room of some of the proposed plans for the Woods play area and discussed matched funding.    

· Litter pick.  To be discussed at the next meeting.

· Fundraising.  Update from Samantha.  Arnold Clark Community Fund has been suspended until September.


Round Table

· A treasure hunt in Castlehill Woods was discussed.  Further discussion at the September meeting  

· Local Governance Review (CC’s handbook).  Chris Campbell will update its progress.

· Glencairn Park.  Work on the Mugga.  Update from Cllr Cullen.

· 2022 Bulb planting.   Update from John.

· Parking around Glencairn Park.  To be discussed at next meeting.

· Halloween Pumpkin Walk was discussed and agreed in principle.  Anne and Samantha will take this forward.


Next Meeting.

Tuesday 28th September, 7pm. Venue TBA



Meeting Minutes, May 25th 2021

Minutes of Zoom Meeting

25th May 2021, 7.00pm


Attended: John McGuire, Dougie Smith, Anne Miller, Samantha Laidlaw, Mary Elliot, Tom Houston, Brian Wotherspoon

SAC: Cllr Chris Cullen, Cnl Officer Chris Campbell



Apologies: Cllr Brian McGinley, Cllr Mary Kilpatrick, Alison Russell, Bill White, Sarah Gamble, Sandra Taylor



Matters Arising:  Addendum to April Notes.  SAC Councillor Chris Cullen attended the April meeting.  



March Minutes:  Proposer – Samantha Laidlaw, Seconded – Dougie Smith 



Police Report: N/A



FHMCC remind local Residents to remain vigilant and to contact the Police if they see anything suspicious by calling 101 (999 for emergencies only)



Secretary's report 

· Correspondence from ARA regarding road workings in Ayrshire will be posted on our media sites

Treasurer's report

· Funds remain the same as April at £3600.  Auditing costs are £30.00.   


FHMCC 2021 Projects Update

· Castlehill Woods.  Discussions are ongoing between FHMCC (John McGuire) and Cllr Chris Cullen regarding the proposed new adult outdoor gym and the children’s play area in the woods.  A proposed audit of the children’s play equipment was discussed.  Local Resident Steven Mackie asked why the children’s playpark appeared to have been downgraded in the past and it was explained some equipment had to be removed because of wear and tear making it unsafe.

· A litter pick in the area will be considered later in the year.  If any local Residents would like to litter pick their own street (or part of it) FHMCC can loan litter pickers, bags, and gloves.  Please email secretary@fhmcc.org.uk for further information on this or reply to our notice on our facebook/website pages.

· Fundraising – The raffle to be held later in the year was discussed.  Samantha will take this forward nearer the time.  The Arnold Clark Funding opportunity will be explored further by Anne who will report back in June.










(FHMCC April Minutes cont.)

Round Table

· A treasure hunt in Castlehill Woods was discussed and has been deferred until restrictions have lifted further.

· Local Governance Review (CC’s handbook).  Paper copy not yet available.   Going forward, Cllr. Cullen will update its progress.

· Dog fouling.    Discussion was had on how to enforce action against people who allow their dogs to foul without then lifting it.  Local Residents can email SAC to advise if their area is particularly plagued with dog fouling.  Contact SAC at https://beta.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/article/25354/Contact-us#:~:text=Contact%20us%20by%20phone,Call%200300%20123%200900.

· Painted Dog Fouling signs on the pavements.  It was mentioned that these need to be repainted.  Community Councillors are asked to email secretary@fhmcc.org.uk with their lists of these areas.

· Glencairn Park.  Work on the Mugga upgrade has begun and resurfacing should be underway within the next fortnight.  A feasibility study is underway regarding improving the paths in the park.  Cllr Cullen will report back on this in June.

· 2022 Bulb planting.  John will take this forward with SAC including if any bulbs are available for uplift now.

· Anti-Social behaviour at Glencairn park.  If anyone has concerns regarding this at any local location please report it to Police Scotland on 101.  This will allow data collection to begin which in turn will inform if/what action is required.

· It was noted that a local shop owner has sadly passed away.  Anne will extend our condolences.


Next Meeting.

Tuesday 29th June, 7pm on Zoom. If anyone would like to join us, please email secretary@fhmcc.org.uk no later than the day before the meeting to request a link.  Please include your agenda item when you email. The meeting link is emailed 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.










Meeting Minutes, April 27th 2021

Minutes of Meeting

27th April, 7.00pm, Zoom


Attended: John McGuire, Dougie Smith, Anne Stewart, Samantha Laidlaw, Mary Elliot, Sarah Gamble


Apologies: Cllr Brian McGinley, Cllr Mary Kilpatrick, Sandra Taylor, Tom Houston, Brian Wotherspoon, Alison Russell, Bill White


Matters Arising :  Addendum to March Notes.  SAC have asked the CC to arrange our own Audit of our

books rather than through SAC.  This is for one year only due to Covid.


March Minutes :  N/A  


Police Report : N/A


FHMCC remind local Residents to remain vigilant and to contact the Police if they see anything suspicious by calling 101 (999 for emergencies only)


Secretary's report 

· New correspondence has been forwarded to the committee by email

Treasurer's report


· Funds remain the same as March at £3600.  Under discussion was the upcoming audit of CC books.  Chris Campbell will advise at the May meeting if SAC funding this year will be a full funding or a top-up


FHMCC 2021 Projects Update

· Castlehill Woods.  The Park Rangers are still not allowed to meet face-2-face.  The possibility of using Apps to identify flora and fauna in the woods is under review.  SAC has proposals to install an adult gym area in the woods using, in part, the equipment from Glencairn Park.  This will involve removing the children’s play area.  FHMCC will formally raise an objection to the removal of the play area and this will be taken forward by John with SAC.  SAC is discussing the renovation of one of the paths in the woods.

· A litter pick in the area will be considered later in the year.

· Fundraising – Samantha updated the meeting regarding a local online raffle.  This is a work in progress and will be taken forward to the May meeting.

Round Table

· A treasure hunt in Castlehill Woods later in the year as restrictions lift was discussed and John will bring this forward to the May meeting.

· Local Governance Review (CC’s handbook).  This is a lengthy but comprehensive document which is awaiting ratification by SAC.  John will request a paper copy of the unratified document as this will be easier to review.










(FHMCC Round Table Cont. April 2021)

· Glencairn Park.  There is funding available for upgrading the paths at Glencairn Park. FHMCC require a copy of the plans for this as they will be needed to help the CC to attempt to fund match the SAC spend which will be used to enhance the park even further. The question was asked if local Residents would be consulted prior to work being carried out and there may be a short online survey nearer the time.  There is a burst pipe in the park.  Repairs to this are being looked at.

· Street Lighting.  Ayrshire Roads Alliance visited the area and looked at Leslie Crescent and Mt Oliphant Crescent.  Lights out in Castlehill Road were repaired.  If any local Residents are concerned about the street lights in their area they should contact ARA direct on  01563 503 160

· Dog Fouling.  Many local residents have expressed concerns about the amount of dog fouling in the area.  The Committee discussed this problem and the decision was made to lead an initiative in an  effort to deter this from happening in our area.  Please watch our facebook and website pages for more on this campaign.

· Funding.  There is a funding package available from Arnold Clark which will be looked in to.

· Conflicts of Interest reports process was reviewed.

· Holmston House.  No update is currently available on work being carried out in Holmston House

· Zoom.  It was agreed to pay for Zoom meetings until we can meet face-2-face.

Next Meeting.

Tuesday 25th May, 7pm on Zoom.  Anyone who would like to join our meeting can request the meeting link by emailing secretary@fhmcc.org.uk  Please make your request no later than the 24th May and include the subject you would like to raise and discuss.










Meeting Minutes, March 30th 2021

Tuesday, 30TH March, 7.00pm, Zoom Online


Attended:   John McGuire, Anne Miller, Mary Elliot, Douglas Smith, Samantha Laidlaw

SAC:            Chris Campbell

Apologies:   Tom Houston, Bill White, Alison Russell, Brian Wotherspoon,

        Sarah Gamble, Cllr Chris Cullen, Sandra Taylor

NB. The following are meeting notes, not formal minutes.  If anyone has concerns or comments regarding the contents, please take note and be ready to discuss at our next meeting or by email. 




· Treasurer.  Our email account is moving from Go Daddy to Microsoft at an extra cost of £3 per month.   Cheques for Christmas Donations have been cashed apart from Southcraig School.  FHMCC have used £100 of raised funds which will be re-claimed from the SAC Admin Grant.  Annual audits will no longer be carried out by SAC.  Dougie will follow up and advise at the April meeting. FHMCC have £3600 total raised funds some of which are ring-fenced.  The annual Zurich insurance payment of £80 has been made.  The £60 per year Data Security admin cost will be paid for from the grant funds.

· Castlehill Estate.  Discussions continued regarding asking the Park Rangers to provide  guided walks around the Estate.  At present they are not allowed to engage face-to-face with the public.  Chris Campbell will provide updates on this at future meetings.     Also discussed was the use of Apps such as What Three Words to help walkers identify trees, flora and fauna. John and Chris will take this forward.  The new path FHMCC made in the woods is being enjoyed not only by walkers and dog walkers but by youths on mountain bikes.

· Spring bulbs for 2022.  John will contact Fiona Ross to discuss options

· ZOOM meetings.  It was agreed to continue with Zoom meetings until summer recess.

· South Ayrshire Council CC Handbook (the Blue Book). A copy has been emailed to Community Councillors for review and discussion at the next meeting.

· Future Funding.  Suggestions included our usual annual fundraiser.  This will be reviewed in line with restrictions; an online raffle which Samantha will look at; an outdoor event in August. Chris Campbell reminded the meeting that even if some restrictions are lifted by August there may still be a need for social distancing which will restrict what kind of event this will be.  

· Street Lighting.  The CC has received comments from several local residents about the dull, dark streetlights.  Concerns have been raised that this may encourage house breaking. Mary will follow this up and advise at the April meeting,

· Holmston House.  Anne will ask our Planning Officer Bill White for an update on the works being carried out at Holmston House.

· Opening up our CC meetings.  Chris Campbell mentioned that our meetings should now be made available to local residents. We shall do this view our website and facebook pages and by posting minutes on our noticeboard at Forehill Library.

· BE AWARE - LOCAL RESIDENTS ARE ADVISED TO BE AWARE OF CHALK MARKS APPEARING OUTSIDE THEIR HOMES.   Concerns have been raised to FHMCC that these marks are to identify homes with dogs, or which appear empty etc.



Next Meeting is Tuesday 27th April, 7pm on ZOOM – a meeting link will be emailed on the day.


*If any local residents would like to join our meeting please email secretary@fhmcc.org.uk the day prior to the meeting date to request a meeting link.







Meeting Agendas


Meeting Agenda, Tuesday September 28th 2021

· Apologies

· June Minutes

· Secretary’s Report

· Treasurer’s Report


Round table

· Castlehill Woods.  Update from Cllr Cullen.  

· Proposed treasure hunt in Castlehill Woods.  Update from John

· Litter/Environment.  Deferred from June

· Local Governance Review (Blue Book) update – Update from Chris Campbell

· Arnold Clark Community Fund.  Update from Anne

· Annual Fundraising Event.  Update from Samantha

· 2022 spring bulbs.  Update from John

· Glencairn Park Mugga.  Update from Cllr Cullen.

· Halloween Pumpkin Walk in Glencairn Park.  Update from Anne and Samantha

· New build at Corton / road infrastructure

· Roads email re gritting

· Supply dog waste bags at Glencairn and Castlehill parks.

· Forehill Parents Council Xmas fayre

· Christmas Hamper give-away?




Meeting Agenda, Tuesday June 29th 2021

· Apologies

· May Minutes

· Secretary’s Report

· Treasurer’s Report


Round table

· Castlehill Woods.  Update on the objection to the removal of the children’s playpark and the proposed new adult gym equipment installation.  Proposed treasure hunt in Castlehill Woods - John

· Litter/Environment – Deferred

· Local Governance Review (Blue Book) update – Cllr Cullen

· Fundraising – Arnold Clark Funding Application

· 2022 spring bulbs update – John

· Glencairn Park – Update on the park path feasibility study and mugga upgrade – Cllr Cullen

· Summer Break




Meeting Agenda, Tuesday May 25th 2021

· Apologies

· April Minutes

· Secretary’s Report – All pertinent correspondence was forwarded by email to the Committee

· Treasurer’s Report


Round table

· Castlehill Woods/ APP under review.  Formal object to the removal of the children’s playpark in Castlehill Woods.  Proposed treasure hunt in Castlehill Woods - John

· Litter/Environment – For future discussion

· Local Governance Review (Blue Book) hard copy request - John

· Fundraising – Online raffle.  Deferred till June due to Covid affecting donations from local businesses

· 2022 spring bulbs update – John

· Glencairn Park – Update on the park upgrade and the burst pipe – Cllr Cullen

· Arnold Clark Funding Opportunity update - Anne

· Dog Fouling Campaign




Meeting Agenda, Tuesday April 27th 2021



· Apologies

· March Notes.

· Secretary’s Report – All pertinent correspondence has forwarded by email to the Committee

· Treasurer’s Report


Round table

· Castlehill Woods/ APP follow up – John and Chris

· Litter/Environment – suggestion from local Resident

· Local Governance Review (Blue Book) discussion - All

· Fundraising – Online Raffle - Samantha

· Holmston House Update- Bill

· 2022 spring bulbs – John

· Street Lighting Update - Mary




All meetings of Community Councils, or its Sub–Committees are required to be recorded in the form of written minutes.


Minutes should be agreed and approved at the next meeting of the Community Council, or its Sub–Committee.


A copy of the approved minutes must be sent within two weeks of them being approved to the:


Head of Policy, Community Planning and Public Affairs,
South Ayrshire Council,
County Buildings,
Wellington Square,
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Email: communitycouncils@south-ayrshire.gov.uk


Anyone wishing a copy of a particular Community Council Minute should contact:


Community Councils,
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Community Council Handbook


Please visit this link to view the complete Community Council Handbook.