Food waste bags
Food waste bags
Did you know that rolls of food waste caddy bags are for sale at Forehill Library?

Save the trip into town and pop into the library instead.

This letter is to bring to your attention an increase in the number of sheep worrying reports received in the Ayrshire area. As lambing time approaches, Police Scotland has taken the decision to contact your community to highlight the seriousness of this crime and the penalties it incurs.

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Forehill Library at 31-33 Mt Oliphant Crescent is a hive of activity! Your local library is an ideal place to spend some time and is open to all ages 0-100! Why not check it out and try something new?

There are board games and jigsaws, a knit and natter group, a colouring book station and as colouring books are increasingly found to be a good source of therapy and relaxation- adults are catered for here too!

Tea and coffee is 50p a cup.
You can make use of the computers within the library, or you can take your own laptop and share the FREE wi-fi.

Forehill, Holmston & Masonhill Community Council is looking for suggestions for activities that you want to see at your local library.

Message us on facebook at or email with your suggestions.
It's YOUR community so please get involved!

Home Security Advice from Police Scotland:

South Ayrshire 1000 - Citezens’ Panel
South Ayrshire Council with its partners in the public and voluntary sectors, wants to survey attitudes and views on public services and policy issues.
South Ayrshire 1000
Citizens’ Panels are a way for local people to provide feedback on a range of issues and influence decision makers. The South Ayrshire Citizens’ Panel is called “South Ayrshire 1000” as it is the intention to have 1,000 members on the Panel. We have managed to recruit around 850 people who live in South Ayrshire who volunteered to

The Scottish Government has recently set up a national website highlighting the role of community councils.
See the letter below.
Scottish Government letter to Community Councils. November 2014

GET INVOLVED — Your input is what will help our community come together.
We would love to hear from you. We want this website to be about you. Send us your pictures, share your memories, tell us your stories about our area and we will publish them on our webpages. Let us know if you, or someone you know in the area, is celebrating a special occasion.
Check our website and facebook pages for forthcoming competitions.

Come to our meetings. FHMCC meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm in Kyle Academy and we extend a warm welcome to local residents.
Please email us seven days before the meeting with you agenda item
Join us on Facebook at

Email us at

Phone Us on 07935 169 749

Ward 4, Ayr East area map
Ward 4, Ayr East area map
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Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
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Castlehill Woods Pathways


Progress, May 2019


Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods

Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods

Work is progressing very well on the new circular path in Castlehill Woods and will be completed soon. New funding opportunities are being sought to allow the community council to lay more path in the future. Discussions are underway on establishing Health Walks in the woods using trained volunteers (SAC offer free training) and Belleisle Park Rangers. Thanks to Cllr Cullen for helping obtain three new badly needed dog waste bins in the Woods.




During that wee spell of good weather (a distant memory now), work on FHMCC's Castlehill estate pathway re-started. A good part of the path has now been put down with completion expected within the next few weeks - weather permitting. Working hard on the project were our Chair and Vice-Chair, John McGuire and Ian McPherson, Treasurer Dougie Smith, SAC Cllr Chris Cullen and much appreciated help from one of our local Residents. If you fancy giving them a hand on the final phase please message the page for dates and times.

Watch this space for more news about the pathway as work progresses.
View the photographs of the progress in our gallery »



Letter to Roman Road Residents

Letter to Roman Road Residents



Work starts on new pathway


Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods    Castlehill Woods

Raising funds for a major project can take some time but finally our 1km circuit pathway in Castlehill Woods has begun.

Recently three volunteers, FHMCC Chair and Vice Chair, John McGuire and Ian McPherson, and SAC Councillor Chris Cullen spent a massive twelve hours moving 20 tonnes of whin dust to recover the paths after they were scraped back. The path is approximately two thirds completed.

Well done and thank you to all three for your fantastic efforts.



Castlehill Woods      Castlehill Woods

Forehill Holmston and Masonhill Community Council are aware of the poor condition of the paths and public areas of these woods. An inspection showed many of the paths uneven, heavily overgrown and nearly impassable.

Representation to South Ayrshire Council for some remedial work was supported but a severe shortage of cash to keep these woods in good condition was obvious. It became clear, in discussion, that while South Ayrshire Council was short of cash, there was other funding routes that a community council could follow that they could not.

Forehill Holmston and Masonhill Community Council have explored these alternate funding sources and there is opportunity there to gain funds and spend funds on maintaining the woods. However, one of the early obstacles to the funding is to prove that Castlehill woods are being used widely by local folk and that there is a need for improvement.

FHMCC would like to thank everyone who completed the Castlehill Woods survey which is now closed. We will keep you informed of the progress of our efforts to improve Castelhill Woods for the community. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

View the survey results here »