Food waste bags
Food waste bags
Did you know that rolls of food waste caddy bags are for sale at Forehill Library?

Save the trip into town and pop into the library instead.

This letter is to bring to your attention an increase in the number of sheep worrying reports received in the Ayrshire area. As lambing time approaches, Police Scotland has taken the decision to contact your community to highlight the seriousness of this crime and the penalties it incurs.

Please click on the image to download the letter as a PDF

Forehill Library at 31-33 Mt Oliphant Crescent is a hive of activity! Your local library is an ideal place to spend some time and is open to all ages 0-100! Why not check it out and try something new?

There are board games and jigsaws, a knit and natter group, a colouring book station and as colouring books are increasingly found to be a good source of therapy and relaxation- adults are catered for here too!

Tea and coffee is 50p a cup.
You can make use of the computers within the library, or you can take your own laptop and share the FREE wi-fi.

Forehill, Holmston & Masonhill Community Council is looking for suggestions for activities that you want to see at your local library.

Message us on facebook at or email with your suggestions.
It's YOUR community so please get involved!

Home Security Advice from Police Scotland:

South Ayrshire 1000 - Citezens’ Panel
South Ayrshire Council with its partners in the public and voluntary sectors, wants to survey attitudes and views on public services and policy issues.
South Ayrshire 1000
Citizens’ Panels are a way for local people to provide feedback on a range of issues and influence decision makers. The South Ayrshire Citizens’ Panel is called “South Ayrshire 1000” as it is the intention to have 1,000 members on the Panel. We have managed to recruit around 850 people who live in South Ayrshire who volunteered to

The Scottish Government has recently set up a national website highlighting the role of community councils.
See the letter below.
Scottish Government letter to Community Councils. November 2014

GET INVOLVED — Your input is what will help our community come together.
We would love to hear from you. We want this website to be about you. Send us your pictures, share your memories, tell us your stories about our area and we will publish them on our webpages. Let us know if you, or someone you know in the area, is celebrating a special occasion.
Check our website and facebook pages for forthcoming competitions.

Come to our meetings. FHMCC meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm in Kyle Academy and we extend a warm welcome to local residents.
Please email us seven days before the meeting with you agenda item
Join us on Facebook at

Email us at

Phone Us on 07935 169 749

Ward 4, Ayr East area map
Ward 4, Ayr East area map
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Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
Sunset over Glencairn Park taken on the 11th March 2014
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Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council
Meeting Minutes 2015.




All meetings of Community Councils, or its Sub–Committees are required to be recorded in the form of written minutes.


Minutes should be agreed and approved at the next meeting of the Community Council, or its Sub–Committee.


A copy of the approved minutes must be sent within two weeks of them being approved to the:


Head of Policy, Community Planning and Public Affairs,
South Ayrshire Council,
County Buildings,
Wellington Square,
KA7 1DR,


Anyone wishing a copy of a particular Community Council Minute should contact:


Community Councils,
Legal and Democratic Services,
Resources, Governance and Organisation Directorate,
South Ayrshire Council,
County Buildings,
Wellington Square,
Tel: (01292) 612181,


Meeting Minutes, Tuesday November 24th 2015


Minutes of Meeting

November 24th2015, 7.00pm, Kyle Academy


Attendees: John McGuire, (Chair), Anne Stewart, Dougie Smith, Samantha Stewart, Nicola Murray, Bill White, Brian Wotherspoon, Tom Houston, Alison Russel (co-opt)


SAC : Cllr Brian McGinley, Chris Campbell


Guests: Jennifer Dunn, Constable Wilson, Constable Ferguson


Apologies: Roddy Cochrane, Lynne Smith, Eileen Alexander, Cllr Ian Douglas, Cllr John Wallace


Matters Arising : None


Previous Minutes : Proposed Dougie Smith, seconded Anne Stewart.


1)    Police Report

  • Police continue to be engaged in local events, most recently Tamfest which will be expanded to a three day event next year. Extra police presence will be in the town centre over the festive period.
  • Ayr East local area report available on request. Email, phone / text 07935 169 749.


2)    Secretary's report


Correspondence was received from Outline Production, Brian McQuillan re SACR Social Enterprise, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, SAC Committee Services, SAC Planning report. If anyone would like a copy of any correspondence, please request by email to or phone / text 07935 169 749.


3) Treasurer's report


The monthly report is attached.

Not yet reported, £50 to our private fund from the proceeds of the Forehill Christmas Fete.



4)    Round Table Updates


         SAC Health and Social Partnership - FHMCC is represented by Samantha and Eileen. John expressed an interest and will attend the January meeting.

         SACR Social Enterprise - are looking for board members. Info attached.

         Meeting Room Rental - resolved.




Round Table Updates (Cont)


         Friends of Castlehill Woods. A site meeting was attended by John, volunteers and SAC officers. Proposed start date for this project is February 2016 to be confirmed at January meeting. Chris will supply tools and engage local youngster for help. FHMCC have six high viz vests. There was discussion about a privately owned section of Castlehill woods and a suggestion that a neighbourhood group may enquire to buy.

         Notice Board Repairs - A local joiner has offered to repair the Forehill Library board free of charge. Dougie will liaise.

         CCTV for Forehill. The ‘roving’ CCTV camera is sent where it is most needed. To pursue this, FHMCC, locals and Councillors need to contact SAC re all incidents of vandalism in the area.

         Traffic calming, Glencairn Road. SAC response attached.

         Litter and Environment Bill discussed hot spot areas. Samantha will send

Affected areas info to Chris who will determine if any help is available to litter pick these local areas. Chris will also investigate the possibility of cutting back shrubs overhanging Dongola Road.

         Large vehicles using Castlehill Roads and surrounding areas - Chris to follow up with ARA

         Winter road gritting - SAC report attached.

         Kyle Cycle Track - currently no maintenance required. Chris reported on litter pick around Overmills area and the youth bushcraft skills being run in the local wooded area.

         FHMCC proposal to share media with Ayr West - John will follow up.

         Fundraiser update - Anne will send letters to local businesses and the Rotary Club. John and Dougie will run the table at Castlehill church fete and Bill and Nicola will manage the Holmston school fete - both on Saturday 28th November. Good luck J

         Christmas mince pies. Samantha will provide free mince pies to the community at Forehill Library between 1.30 and 3.30 on 3rd and 11th December. Forehill Library will supply the coffee and tea.

         Free Christmas Lunch - Samantha is liaising with VASA

         Christmas chocolates for Orchard House. Anne will contact Spar re purchase of chocolates.

         Christmas get together - Nicola will send out a list of dates for committee members to choose from.



5)    AOB


         Anne will send thank you letters to the two businesses who funded our Christmas fete tables.

         Anne to advise SAC of Gary Thomson's resignation from the FHMCC Committee.


6)    Next Meeting


         Tuesday 26th January 2016, 7pm, Kyle Academy


Meeting Minutes, Tuesday May 26th 2015

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday November 25th, 2014, Kyle Academy, 7pm

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday May 26th 2015, Kyle Academy, 7pm



  • Attendees: Anne Stewart, John McGuire, Chris Campbell SAC, Nicola Murray, Tom Houston, Samantha Stewart, Dougie Smith, Roddy Cochran, Bill White
  • Apologies: Cllr Mary Kirkpatrick, Corri Wilson MP, Brian Wotherspoon, Cllr Ian Douglas, Cllr Brian McGinley and Lynn Thomson.
  • Guests: Allison Russell and Robert Campbell.
  • Minutes of last meeting of April 28th 2015 proposed by Bill White and seconded by Dougie Smith.
  • Police. No police in attendance. But major concerns raised about the police presence at the Children's Home.
  • Secretary's report:

Usual cascade of emails from SAC. An update of the web activity which is increasing month on month. Also contact from David Pugh re engagement on AVLN. John McGuire to respond to David Pugh

  • Treasurers Report: We have £40.83 in the bank and this will be consumed by the next couple of month's web fees. However, our accounts have been audited and approved by SAC and our new funding will be forthcoming. We still have to pay £150 for the three notice boards and we have committed £50 to Castlehill church to aid the replacement of bowling items.
  • Round table updates
    • Children's House. . Major concerns raised about the police presence at the Children's Home. John McGuire to contact SAC and the police
    • Traffic Calming Caledonia Road. This request is primarily around the roundabout in Caledonia Road. Request made to SAC via their web pages and will follow up with Kevin Braidwood of ARA.
    • Notice Boards. We agreed that these to be positioned at Holmston School, Forehill Library and Castlehill Gates. These are now in place.
    • Litter around Kyle Academy. A litter pick is organised on May 7th.About 70 pupils, four teachers and members of the residents group collected 20 bin bags full of rubbish. This to be a regular event.
    • Cycle Track at Kyle Academy. This should e the responsibility of the school. John McGuire to test with the Head Teacher.
    • Asda foundation / the Big Lunch Mother and Baby group. We'll pause on this. The initial enthusiasm by folk outside FHMCC seems to hav evaporated.
    • June 12th Forehill Primary School Summer Fayre 6.30pm until 9.30pm. FHMCC table. We now have enough books and also donations. Letter to these donors saying ‘thanks’.. Samantha Stewart?
    • Seagull attacks. A request has been made to Sac to investigate. Have had no feedback from Sac and have chased them up on 28/5.
    • Allison Russell has expressed an interest to join the community council and will be co-opted. This was proposed by John McGuire and seconded by Dougie Smith. John McGuire to organise.
    • Garden Contest. We agreed to go ahead this year and two or three members will run this. John McGuire to test Dobbie's etc for donations.

    • Dog Fouling on the grass surrounds of Kyle Academy. Chris Campbell will see if he can organise signage.
    • SeAscape: After some discussion we concluded that we were not happy with this kind of presence in our area. We have enough houses / homes causing problems. We're asking Councillor Brian McGinley to see if this initiative can be deflected.
    • Safety issues on Castlehill Road at Morrisons. Bill White to follow up re the need for double white lines and also the tight space at the bus stop.
    • Our AGM was completed and these details will be shared by Chris Campbell SAC, who took the minutes of said AGM.



Next Meeting is Tuesday John 30th 2015 in Kyle Academy at 7.00pm. All welcome


Meeting Minutes, Tuesday April 28th 2015

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday November 25th, 2014, Kyle Academy, 7pm

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday April 28 2015, Kyle Academy, 7pm


  • Attendees: Anne Stewart, John McGuire, Eileen Alexander, Cllr Ian Douglas, Chris Campbell SAC, Nicola Murray, Tom Houston, Samantha Stewart, Dougie Smith, Cllr Brian McGinley.
  • Apologies: Cllr Mary Kirkpatrick, Cllr Corri Wilson, Roddy Cochran and Brian Wotherspoon.
  • Guests: Allison Russell and Margaret McDowall of SeAscape.
  • Minutes of last meeting on March 31 2015 proposed by Dougie Smith and seconded by Anne Stewart.
  • Police Update: this area has comparatively low levels of crime. We did however ask the police who were with us about an instance of vandalism. We got a very swift response from PC Gavin Dalgleish “Hi John, I have looked in to the crime report that you raised concern over at our recent community council meeting. The vandalism that occurred between 9th April 2015 and 14th April 2015 at Forehill Primary, the offender has been charged for the offence and the enquiry is complete. According to the summary on the report there has been only one offender for this incident. I hope this information helps. I will also make Inspector Mangan aware of this update”.
  • Secretary's report:
    • Co-Options have now all been converted into full members. These are Samantha Stewart, Bill White and Nicola Murray.

o    SeAscape. Margaret McDowell explained that this charity is helping people in Housing Need in South Ayrshire. SeAscape provides a rent deposit guarantee scheme, homelessness and housing support and a befriending service. The charity will attempt to purchase one or two houses in our area. These can be used for people recently released from prison to provide a stepping stone towards rehabilitation. These folk will be fully supported and SAC will be aware of these homes. This community council, or the general public, will not be aware of the locations. While this Community Council cannot approve this development we would like an input into the rules that will govern such.

    • Columbarium: We received an email from Dr Gillian Evans of the Ayr Columbarium & Museum Project. She said “Dear John, Thank you so much for circulating the link to my survey. I think your group has been very responsive as I saw a surge in my numbers. My total is now 286. The next step in the project is to prepare a business plan. The council have cleaned up the building and will be putting it on the market during the summer. I hope to present my ‘bid’ to the council around October. I think one way or another a way forward for the building will be found this year. Kind regards, Gillian”
    • AGM - Plan for May. We have three resignations as office bearers but not from FHMCC. These are Lynne Thomson from the Chair, John McGuire as Secretary and Roddy Cochran as Treasurer. At our next meeting on May 26th this will be our AGM and be initially chaired by Chris Campbell SAC. These three positions need to be filled.


  • Treasurers Report: Our treasurer could not make the meeting and our coffers are nearly empty. Our accounts are being processed and audit by SAC and our new funding will be forthcoming.
  • Round table updates
    • Children's House. All quiet.
    • Caledonia Road Traffic Calming. This request is primarily around the roundabout in Caledonia Road. Request made to SAC via their web pages
    • Notice Boards. We agreed that these will be positioned at Holmston School, Forehill Library and Castlehill Gates. Chris to help us with SAC process for positioning.
    • Litter around Kyle Academy. Litter is still pretty bad and while there are now two new bins at Kyle Academy entrance the local residents group are still concerned and a litter pick is organised for May 7th.
    • Asda foundation / the Big Lunch Mother and Baby group. Chris Campbell will support Anne and Samantha Stewart and this community group to progress
    • June 12th Forehill Primary School Summer Fayre 6.30pm until 9.30pm. FHMCC table. Donations to our Tombola please and books if you have them around the house
    • Seagull attacks. A request has been made to Sac to investigate. Chris to invite a representative of SAC Health and Social Care to come to our meeting.





Meeting Minutes, Tuesday March 31st 2015

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday November 25th, 2014, Kyle Academy, 7pm

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday March 31st 2015, Kyle Academy, 7pm


Attendees: Roddy Cochran, Anne Stewart, Dougie Smith, Brian Wotherspoon, Cllr Corri Wilson, Cllr Ian Douglas, John McGuire, Samantha Stewart, Nicola Murray, Bill White. Cllr Mary Kirkpatrick

Neighbours: Allison Russell, Carolyn Read

Apologies: Chris Campbell Garry Thomson, Lynne Thomson Eileen Alexander

Minutes: From our last meeting of were accepted, proposed by Dougie Smith and seconded by Anne Stewart

Matters Arising: No items not covered by the proposed agenda.

Co Option of new members: Our three new co-opted member all formally applied for full membership to the council by the 31March 2015. We expect notification by the council soon. These three new members are Nicola Murray, Samantha Stewart and William White.

Police: Not required to attend this meeting.

Secretary's report We had two interesting pieces of correspondence, one from a charity called SeAscape an organisation that helps people with Housing needs and the other from Dr Gillian Evans who's interested in promoting better use of Darlington Place Church, possible as a Columbarium. We'll invite both to our next meeting.

Treasurer's Report. Roddy Cochran reported that all this community funds for this year are either spent or committed. We have a balance of £74.83p. This will be the situation until our next funding tranche. John McGuire has waived the £62 owed to him for expenditure prior to Christmas. We did agree to give £20 to the Castlehill church's request for help with renewing their carpet bowls equipment.

Children's House: All quiet.

Notice Boards.. These are now available. Suggest we put one at the Castlehill gates, Enlist Chris Campbell to see how we do this and to cut through some of the bureaucracy with SAC in positioning the other two boards.

Litter around Kyle Academy. Need an update once our link office is back but an additional bin has been requested by the Residents association. Also they have requested an increased frequency of getting the bins emptied. Unsuccessful so far..

Cycle Track behind Kyle Academy: Need an update once our link office is back

Forehill School Vandalism: Need an update once our link office is back

Glencairn Road, Traffic Calming: SAC conducted a survey and traffic speed and volume was not deemed to be problematic. Hence no further action here although we will now request, thru our link office Chris Campbell, that a similar survey takes place in Caledonia Road near the roundabout.

Dog Fouling: A new mother has highlighted the fact that the pavements around Caledonia road are heavily ‘contaminated’ with dog excrement. Chris Campbell will organise a letter to local residents. Maybe we should also request/consider pavement stencils too. There's also reported concerns about dog fouling around Holmston Primary School.. John McGuire to follow through with Environmental Health and keep Chris Campbell engaged.

Parking around Gavin Hamilton Court: This has been highlighted as being really problematic. Maybe a survey of the homes there and see how many vehicles are in that area versus the number of parking spaces?

Holmston Primary School Fete: We will take up the invitation to take a table at the fete and will ask local businesses for a wee donation for our tombola. Hopefully this fund raising will be successful

Holmston House has it been sold? Is their a planning application for conversion into flats? Don't know if it's sold but no planning application on file.

ASDA Foundation: This is another potential source for funding maybe around our idea of a Mother and Baby Group. We need more discussion on this as we might need a simple wee business plan to share with ASDA to make them comfortable in handing over cash.

ASDA Big Lunch: This will take place across the UK on July 7th. Suggestion is that we see if any other local communities are getting involved and co-operate.


Finally, finally. Our office bearers have agreed to continue until our AGM in May. At that time we will need to elect a new Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We seem to be much more optimistic with new members and some other interested folk coming forward.



FHMCC next meeting: Tuesday April 28th 2015. - Kyle Academy - 7pm


All residents of Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill are warmly welcomed.





Meeting Minutes, Tuesday February 24th 2015


Meeting Minutes,

Tuesday 24TH February 2015 at 7.00pm, Kyle Academy



FHMCC: Lynne Thomson, (Chair), Eileen Alexander, Dougie Smith Tom Houston, Brian Wotherspoon,
Anne Stewart

Co-opted: Samantha Stewart, Nicola Murray, Bill White


SAC Cllrs: Ian Douglas, Corrie Wilson

Visitors: Robert Campbell, Alison Russell, Mike Reekie, PC Small, PC Bates, 


Apologies: John McGuire, Roddy Cochane, Cllr Mary Kilpatrick, Cllr Brian McGinley.


Minutes of last meeting:  No minutes - January meeting was inquorate. 


Matters Arising:   None


Secretary's report:  Deferred until March


Treasurers Report: Deferred until March


Planning Report : Deferred until March


Police Update : No major incidents to report. The police patrols will continue in Ayr East.

There was a discussion round the table regarding previous vandalism at Forehill Primary School and Chris advised that this seems to have been dealt with at least for the present.

You can contact the police by phone on 101 for NON-emergencies, 999 for emergencies and also by email at


Round table: 

  • Childrens Home: A local resident expressed concern that children from the home are outside late at night smoking and generally being loud.  Councillor Wilson will make enquiries about the guidelines within the home, eg what time the children are expected to be inside.  Councillor Douglas commented that there will be some excavation work carried out by Scottish Water outside the building in connection with the water meter. Although concerns were voiced about the possible recovery of backdated water charges there appears to be no financial implication to South Ayrshire Council
  • Caledonia Road traffic calming: Councillor Wilson will make enquiries regarding our request.  A question was raised regarding the same for Glencairn Road. Following previous tests carried out by South Ayrshire Council they decided that these measures were not necessary on Glencairn Road. 
  • Notice Boards: Dougie reported that two of the notice boards are ready for installation and the third is undergoing a repair.  Following a discussion about placement, Chris Campbell will look into what would be required to site one at Forehill Library and whether there is already one at Forehill Primary and will update FHMCC at the March meeting.
  • Litter around Kyle Academy: Chris Campbell advised that the woodland area on Overmills Road was strimmed in November but the growth has begun again.  Chris and Eileen Alexander will investigate a proposed project which would encourage classes at Kyle Academy to take turns litter picking in the immediate area.  It's hoped the funding for this will come from the Voluntary Action Fund and will be project managed by Girvan Community Garden.  There is one particular problem area in the school grounds which may benefit from the installation of a litter bin.  Anne Stewart will follow this up with SAC Neighbourhood Services.
  • Kyle Academy Cycle Track: Chris Campbell will contact the Community Pay Back Team through the school to discuss the maintenance of the cycle track during the summer months.  The plan is to start this work around Easter.  Chris will update at the next meeting.
  • Website and Facebook update: During February the Facebook page had reached a total of 300 hits and has 227 likes.  Brian Wotherspoon's great pictures are really drawing interest.  As of this February, our website has had 350 unique visitors and a total of  723 page views.
  • Recruitment Drive Update:  Nicola advised that she has delivered 600+ leaflets throughout the area with a few hundred still to be put through letterboxes.  Thanks also to local resident Ian Campbell who delivered leaflets around his area.  Anne has also contacted CJ Lang to enquire if they will ask their staff to help distribute our leaflets by placing in the local papers.
  • The Kiltwalk, Walking for Scotland's Children (charity): The annual kiltwalk takes place in May. Ayr Hospital A&E staff are walking again this year following their successful fund raising in 2014.
  • Local Area Litter Bin Service: Anne contacted Neighourhood Services who advised that litter bins and shop front areas are serviced daily.  Concern was voiced around the table regarding the frequency of service to other litter bins within the area in particular the bins situated in Ellisland Place/Soutar Place and at the Kyle Cycle Track.  Anne will contact Waste Management again to ask about the service frequency of these bins.





  • Lynne voiced concerns that the bike shed in the grounds of the Children's Home has been badly damaged by the winter weather and all the perspex has broken off.  A local resident has disposed of the waste however the remaining portion is in hazardous condition and children are using it as climbing frame.  Councillor Wilson will contact Roads Alliance to discuss.
  • Chris advised that through ASDA, Foundation Scotland is offering funding for a variety of local projects, eg garden competition prizes etc.  Anne will source an application form to bring to the next meeting.
  • South Ayrshire Council is discussing establishing a garden competition throughout South Ayrshire.  More information on this as it becomes available.
  • Samantha and Nicola expressed an interest in finding a meeting venue in the area where they could bring the community together, for example, a Mother and Baby group.  It was proposed that the Community Wing in Forehill Primary could be ideal for this type of venture.  Chris suggested that the best way to get this off the ground is to form a Community Group and has offered to provide support going forward.  He, Samantha and Nicola will discuss further and provide ongoing update.



Meeting Agendas


Meeting Agenda, Tuesday November 24th 2015

Meeting Agenda, Tuesday 25th November 2014 at 7



  • Apologies:
  • Minutes of last meeting.
  • Police Update:
  • Secretary's report:
  • Treasurers Report:
  • Round table updates
    • South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership - Eileen / Samantha
    • SACR Social Enterprise - John
    • Room Rental Reply from SAC - John
    • Friends of Castlehill Woods Update - John
    • Notice Board Repairs - Dougie
    • CCTV for Forehill area (SAMS) - Anne
    • Caledonia Road Traffic Calming Update - John
    • Litter and Environment Update - Bill
    • Large vehicles using Castlehlll Road and road gritting this winter - Chris
    • Kyle Cycle Track Update - Chris
    • FHMCC Online Media - Proposal to share update - Anne
    • Fundraising update - Anne
    • Christmas Mince Pies and reaching more people by utilising Forehill Library - Samantha
    • Free Christmas Lunch Initiative - Samantha
    • Christmas Gifts for Orchard House - All
    • Christmas get together - Nicola
    • Next Meeting Date / Christmas Recess - All


  • AOB
  • Next meeting TBA



Meeting Agenda, Tuesday September 29th 2015

Meeting Agenda, Tuesday 25th November 2014 at 7



  • Attendees:
  • Apologies:
  • Minutes of last meeting.
  • Police Update:
  • Secretary's report: Correspondence received
  • Treasurers Report:
  • Round table updates
    • South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partneship
    • Digital CC Workshops - 9th October
    • ASACC Meeting and Agenda
    • Balancing the Budget : Participation
    • Ayrshire Litter Volunteer Network (ALVN)
    • Crofthead Holiday Park planning application update - John, Bill, Samantha
    • Caledonia Road Traffic Calming - John
    • Seascape Update - John
    • Future FHMCC fundraising and donations strategy - All
    • FHMCC Media Tools (Notice Boards, Online) - All
    • Children's House update and propose this moves to AOB - All
    • Cycle Track around Kyle Academy update and propose this moves to AOB - Chris
    • Litter around Kyle Academy and propose this moves to AOB


  • AOB
  • Next meeting - Tuesday 27th October at 7pm



Meeting Agenda, Tuesday June 30th 2015

Meeting Agenda, Tuesday 25th November 2014 at 7



  • Attendees:
  • Apologies:
  • Minutes of last meeting.
  • Police Update:
  • Secretary's report:

o    Confirmation of change of Office Bearers

o    Minutes of Association of South Ayrshire Community Councils (ASACC)

o   SAC Local Development Plan - Consultation on Draft Supplentary Guidance Wind Energy

  • Treasurers Report:
  • Round table updates
    • Children's House
    • Caledonia Road Traffic Calming
    • Notice Boards
    • Litter around Kyle Academy
    • Cycle Track around Kyle Academy
    • Seascape
    • FHMCC fundraiser at Forehill Primary School
    • Support Forehill Library
    • Website and Facebook pages


  • AOB and summer recess / next meeting



Meeting Agenda, Tuesday March 31st 2015

Meeting Agenda, Tuesday 25th November 2014 at 7



Meeting Agenda, Tuesday 31 March 2015 2015 at 7.00pm, Kyle Academy




  • Attendees:
  • Apologies: Eileen Alexander, Chris Campbell.
  • Minutes of last meeting.
  • Police Update:
  • Secretary's report:
    • SeAscape
    • Columbarium
    • Mother and Baby group
    • AGM - Plan for May.
    • Co-Options


  • Treasurers Report:
  • Round table updates
    • Children's House
    • Caledonia Road Traffic Calming
    • Notice Boards
    • Litter around Kyle Academy
    • Cycle Track around Kyle Academy
    • Forehill School vandalism
    • SeAscape
    • Columbarium
    • Litter bin for Kyle Academy entrance
    • Service frequency of other litter bins in the area
    • Asda foundation / the Big Lunch
    • June Holmston PS Fete - FHMCC table
    • Mother and Baby group


  • Office bearers and moving forward



Meeting Agenda, Tuesday February 24th 2015



Meeting Agenda,

Tuesday 24TH February 2015 at 7.00pm, Kyle Academy




•          Minutes of last meeting: January 15 meeting was inquorate

•          Secretary's report: Deferred until March

•          Treasurers Report: Roddy

•          Police Update:

•          Round table updates

o    Children's House - any comments/concerns

o    Caledonia Road Traffic Calming - Deferred till March/John

o    Notice Boards - Dougie

o    Litter around Kyle Academy - Chris

o    Cycle Track around Kyle Academy - Chris

o    Forehill School vandalism - Chris

o    Webpage and FB page update - Anne

o    Recruitment drive update - Nicola

o   Proposed table at the forthcoming school fete - No charge for promotional table but £15 if we want to fundraise - ideas for fundraising

o    Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Ayr A&E Kiltwalkers 2015 .

o   Litter bin service - not being emptied often enough - emailed SAC Neighborhood Services office for update on frequency



•          AOB